First Responder/Pro Account Request

CalTopo offers first responder accounts that include a free Basic, discounted Pro, or discounted Desktop subscriptions for any first response use. Members of SAR, military/national guard, law enforcement, and fire organizations qualify for these accounts and guides or outdoor professionals in a consumer facing role may qualify as well. More information about the benefits of each account can be found here.

Please use this form to request a free or discounted account. Attach an up to date verification of your status with the organization (dated within 1 year of the request or unexpired with an expiration date visible). Examples of verification include a ID card issued by your organization, a letter of good standing on agency letterhead, or a copy of your pay stub (feel free to black out any sensitive information). For federal law enforcement/military, who cannot reproduce credentials digitally, please feel free to either use a paystub, or e-mail directly from your verifiable federal/military e-mail address.

CalTopo also offers team accounts that include all the desktop features with additional sharing and customization features. These are available to organizations of all sizes. Volunteer organizations qualify for large discounts on team accounts. Find out more here or e-mail with any questions.