THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL MAP Alberta Emergency Updates: BC Emergency Alert: Call 310-4455 for Alberta wildfire and evacuation information. Call 1 800 663 5555 or *5555 on a cellphone, or 1 888 336-7378 (3FOREST) for BC wildfire information. Alberta Emergency Alerts: Alberta Wildfire Dashboard: Alberta Wildfire Main Page: Edson forest area updates: Other AB forest areas updates: AB Road Closures: AB Government YouTube (Press Updates): AHS Wildfire Resources: AB Air Quality Health Index: Alberta Fire Danger Maps: BC Wildfire Map: BC Wildfire Status: BC Air Quality: Other BC Resources: CWFIS Map: Smoke Forecast: Live Lightning Map:;t=4;s=201;o=0;b=44.06;ts=0;y=53.2882;x=-112.7307;z=7;d=7;dl=5;dc=0;tsc=1;dn=1;tr=0;src=6; NASA Fire Resources Map:;d:24hrs;@-113.5,54.2,8z Yellowhead County Map: Parkland County Maps: Search your app store for "Alberta Wildfire" and "Alberta Emergency Alert" apps, or similar for your own province. Notes on data sources: Hotspots (Asterisks or stars on map): Fire Perimeter Estimates (Black lines/red shading): Wildfire Dots: Alberta Wildfire Data: Wildfire Dots See here: Red: Out of Control Yellow: Being Held Blue: Under Control Orange: Other Alberta Wildfire Locations (Flame Icons) See here: Red: Out of Control Yellow: Being Held Green: Under Control Blue: Mutual Aid - Assistance Started