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CalTopo Teams connects your entire organization in one collaborative platform.

What is CalTopo Teams

CalTopo Teams is a group subscription that connects multiple users allowing them to share a single mapping workspace. It brings the power of CalTopo to all your team members, with seamless sharing of maps and data across multiple users.

Everyone, Connected

CalTopo began as a solution to the previously cumbersome task of mission planning and execution in search and rescue. CalTopo created a single platform where teams could compare a variety of base maps, analyze terrain, plan assignments, and then share this information in real time with all members of the mission team. CalTopo evolved into CalTopo Teams to further enhance the collaborative power of the platform.

Now used by many types of groups beyond SAR, CalTopo Teams works for educational groups and guiding companies, forestry, solar power development, land management, police, wildland fire, and more.

All CalTopo Teams subscriptions include full access for all team members to all of CalTopo's powerful mapping tools, including mobile, web, and offline.

First Response type map

First Response Teams

Our most robust, feature rich plan, First Response Teams subscriptions are the best choice for first response and emergency management organizations. Designed to integrate not just top-level planners, but all levels of team members, CalTopo Teams drives awareness across the organization and maximizes preparedness, collaboration, and response capacity. These subscriptions cover your entire organization or unit and include first-response specific features such as Mutual Aid Incidents and SMS Locators.

These subscriptions are priced on total organization or unit size, beginning at $2000/year for groups with 50 or fewer members.

commercial teams type map

Commercial Teams

With per-user licensing and a lower entry price, Commercial Teams subscriptions connect users for easy data sharing and organizing. Choose your users and give them powerful mapping tools plus robust collaborative features. In order to allow more flexible pricing, these subscriptions do not include Mutual Aid Incidents or SMS Locators. This plan is a great choice for companies, land-use organizations, and guide outfits.

Pricing starts at $500/year for up to 10 users, then $50/user/year after.

race type map

Event-Based Teams

Designed for adventure races and ultramarathons, Event-Based teams provide a method of live tracking racers while they are on the course. This plan lets you connect your core staff on the account throughout the year, then set up one-off events for each race in order to provide updated maps and live tracking of racers. You will need an estimate of the number of participants annually in order to determine price.

Race organizations can get live tracking for $3 per race-slot per year.

All-volunteer SAR teams may qualify for a significant discount.

Multi-agency accounts are available for municipalities, counties, states and other similar entities. Fill out the quote form to learn more.

CalTopo Teams

These features set CalTopo Teams apart from individual accounts and make them a better choice for organizations that require multiple users at various levels of access.

Collaborative Workspace

The primary function of CalTopo Teams link individual users into one group for shared map-based tasks. It eliminates the need for sharing links to maps within your team. Any member of a team can view maps and layers saved to the team workspace, and interact with those maps based on their team permissions level. Map edits made by any team member appear in real-time for anyone with a data connection.

Teams that regularly interact with other groups that also have CalTopo Teams subscriptions can create an inter-team workspace where members of both teams can access maps. When response times are critical, this shortens the time needed to set up each team with the correct access for a particular incident.


Organize both your users and your data with unlimited subteams. Upwards and downwards permissions controls let you sequester groups of people or limit and permit access to maps based on your needs. For example, clever use of subteams will let you create a map archive. Large teams or statewide organizations will benefit greatly from this feature.

Live Tracking and Locators

Go beyond basic track recording with additional real-time tracking tools. With CalTopo Teams, you can integrate additional trackable devices such as APRS, Garmin InReach, dog collars, aircraft locations, and more, at the team level and view them on all your maps.

First-Response Only Features

These two powerful features are only available for First Response type Teams subscriptions.

SMS Locators

Send a short text message to a lost subject's cell phone. When they open the link and allow location sharing, your team will see the subject's location in your CalTopo map. Learn more.

Mutual Aid Incidents

Large incidents often require mutual aid coordination with multiple resources. With the Mutual Aid Incidents features, you can instantly scale your account to include unlimited additional users outside of your team at no additional charge. Rapid onboarding is easy with guest logins (no account creation required), so people who have never even seen the program before can open an incident map and start recording a track in a matter of minutes. Learn more here.


For a more in depth look at how some organizations are putting CalTopo Teams to use, take a look at these reports.

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